Healthy Homes and what you need to know

The next Healthy Homes deadline is here as of 1st July 2021 – it’s time we ensure you are compliant and are ready for the changes.

First things first, here are the key compliance dates;

1 December 2020 – all new tenancy agreements need to include a statement of compliance (a Healthy Homes assessment).

1 July 2021 – all rental properties must comply with the Healthy Homes standards within 90 days of a new tenancy agreement.

1 July 2024 – all rental properties must fully comply with the Healthy Homes standards.

We have three assessment options for our owners; self-assessment, a low-cost provider with a maintenance arm and an assessment from an impartial provider who specialises in Healthy Homes reports.

We want our owners to be as involved as they wish to be – this is not a one-size fits all situation and each property will be treated individually. Our dedicated team of people will work hard at finding the best solution (not just the ‘compliant’ solution) for each home.

Healthy Home’s standards – a breakdown

For a quick refresher of what’s required we’ve broken down what needs to be checked and actioned into 7 items – we know you’ve heard about 5 but from our on-the-ground, working knowledge we can see realistically it breaks down into the following :

  • Heating
  • Bathroom ventilation
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Ground Cover
  • Drainage
  • Insulation
  • Draught Stopping

Can I self-assess?

Yes you absolutely can but it should be noted that it is a time-consuming and complicated document that could result in fines due to errors and non-compliance. In some cases however (for example new built apartments) we might recommend this option if you are comfortable with the process.

If you do take this route there are some useful calculators online (for heating, insulation and ventilation) and here is the statement itself that has been provided by Tenancy Services.

Are there any other benefits to complying?

Yes! Each level of compliance brings its own benefits to the care and longevity of your rental property and in the long-term you’ll save on things like expensive structural repairs or redoing your insulation.

We also want your tenants to be happy and healthy, creating ideal, fuss-free, long-term tenants and saving you even more on letting fees, marketing and tenancy downtime. Something like installing a heat pump will mean a higher rental yield (on average about 2-3% more p.a.) and once you’re fully compliant we can market it with a Healthy Homes Certified badge, making it a much more attractive rental property.

Getting compliant

The next step after the assessment is getting fully compliant. Once an assessment is done we can have our trusted team of tradesmen get each property up to scratch and Healthy Homes Certified.

We want properties to kick this off as soon as possible – getting this is going to become a sprint the closer to your deadline so naturally demand and therefore price will escalate.

If you’re after more detailed guidelines have a look at the official breakdown from Tenancy Services. And for any specific questions get in touch – we recommend all advice should be sought from a professional property manager before making decisions regarding the above –  or we can put you in touch with one of our experts.