Our commitment.

Whether you’re gunning for early retirement, increased security or a better future for your family, we’re committed to supporting you to succeed.

Property investment unlocks infinite possibilities, but it all comes down to how well it’s managed. The same goes for when you’re in a rented house that you call home. That’s where the experts come in. We’ve been doing all of this for decades and it’s still what lights us up – helping remove the headaches and getting you where you’re going faster.

Market insights, passion, responsiveness, and the opportunities that only occur when you’re on-the-ball are what you’ll get from our team of experts, who are all property investors as well as managers. You’ll feel the Wendell difference – from our people, through to our tenants and tradies too. Everything’s underpinned by how much we care.

Our care extends further than just our corner of the world too, with our commitment to being completely carbon neutral by 2021. From a community standpoint, we’re also proactive supporters of Barnados and Starjam. Top to toe, we’re invested. Now is the time to join us.

Awards and

2019 Employer of the Year Westpac Business Awards – Winner
2019 Excellence in Customer Service Delivery Westpac Business Awards  – Finalist
2019 Rising Star of the Year – Winner
2018 Excellence in Corporate Support – Finalist
2017 Excellence in Business Development – Finalist
2017 Rising Star of the Year – Finalist

2016 Property Management Company of the Year
2016 & 2013 Excellence in Corporate Support – Winner
2015 Property Manager of the Year – Finalist
2015 Rising Star of the Year – Finalist
2013 NZ Property Manager of the Year
2013 YIPRE Industry Leader Award
2013 Rising Star of the Year – Winner
2012 Rising Star of the Year – Finalist

You’re in good hands.

Natalie Wendell

General Manager

Being a million miles an hour, Natalie is the go-to person to keep your property portfolio moving. For the Wendell team, she’s all-seeing and all-knowing. In her role as GM, Natalie is here supporting all facets of the business; stepping in as needed, but mostly supporting her superstars to succeed by ensuring they have access to the resources and leading information they need to make the best decisions on behalf of clients.

YIPRE Industry Leader Award 2013

mobile. 021 131 1203

phone. 09 849 2588


Ashley Giles

Innovation & Growth

Ashley has plenty of experience with the property and investment market, having bought his first property at the tender age of 17. Now he’s all about ensuring high standards, creating a well-trained team, and managing a strong portfolio of corporate and professional investors. With plenty of experience and know-how, Ashley understands the local market and how to manage the changing property tides – whether you’re a budding novice or a property pro.

mobile. 021 079 8956

phone. 09 849 2588


Susan Wendell

Property Manager

Susan is a seasoned property professional with a career spanning over 40 years. She’s known for her no-nonsense, practical approach to property and believes in consistent innovation, which has gained her a loyal following of investors. Having worked through decades of ups and downs in the Auckland property market and changes across legislation, interest rates, and tenant and owner rights, she’s guaranteed to add value for even the most seasoned property investor.

NZ Property Manager of the Year 2013

mobile. 021 909 818

phone. 09 849 2588


Gina Thornton

Customer Experience Manager

Gina’s primary role is dedicated to customer care across the business. This can look different on any given day, but essentially Gina takes information and feedback from tenants, owners and tradespeople and works to make our processes and people better. Gina is where much of our innovation starts as she works tirelessly to ensure that what our customers want is what we deliver.

Rising Star of the Year Finalist 2012
Property Manager of the Year Finalist 2015
Excellence in Business Development Finalist 2017

mobile. 021 934 175

phone. 09 849 2588


Barnabas Bulatiko

Property Manager

Barnabas is a firm favourite among Wendell investors – a fierce work ethic and quiet determination means he gets results quickly. His infectious enthusiasm and down-to-earth personality make him fun to work with, while his savvy communication and methodical mind means he gets property portfolios to prosper.

Rising Star of the Year Finalist 2015

mobile. 027 700 8204

phone. 09 849 2588


Nikki Pemberton

Property Manager

With over five years of residential property management experience in Auckland, combined with a commerce degree, Nikki has the skills and expertise to take your investment further. Nikki’s well-attuned attention to detail, and her desire to create the best possible experiences for landlords and tenants, mean she’s a great choice for your home or high value investment portfolio.

mobile. 027 700 2557

phone. 09 849 2588


Tom Rasmussen

Business Development Manager

With plenty of experience in letting and property management, Tom knows that choosing a company to manage your portfolio is no small decision. He’s an expert at guiding owners through our individualised process, figuring out the best solution for them and ensuring they get the results they dream of. He’s savvy, smart and super-charged, so is the perfect person to partner with.

mobile. 027 700 1183

phone. 09 849 2588


Kelly Thornton

Property Manager

Kelly is a self-motivated hard worker, having purchased her own investment property in Auckland by the age of 22. Prior to joining the Wendell team, Kelly worked in victim support within the police force, meaning she’s calm under pressure and has a can-do attitude and a strong backbone. Coming from a property family, she’s got the skills and know-how to help get your property goals sorted.

Rising Star of the Year Winner 2019

mobile. 021 934 067

phone. 09 849 2588


Linda Wood

Property Manager

With a strong financial background, bucketloads of property management experience and an infectious amount of energy, Linda is the perfect addition to your team. She’s driven and highly organised, and is great at giving clear and considered advice. Known for delivering great results, Linda is the person to partner with to achieve your property aspirations.

mobile. 027 700 6103

phone. 09 849 2588


Rob Harper

Property Manager

Rob is our quiet achiever. Service-minded, innovative and persistent he’s carved out a niche for himself within our company. Our customers love his quick comms and consistency, he gets it done and does it well. Hailing from beautiful Wanaka, this Southerner loves a challenge. Rob’s an active investor with a genuine love of all things property.

mobile. 021 147 8633

phone. 09 849 2588


Clinton Lewis

Property Manager

With 10 years’ experience in property management Clinton brings a wealth of knowledge to the Wendell team. His calm under pressure attitude and analytical approach ensures continuous care of your property. This combined with his work in finance and as a fully qualified lawyer, Clinton in a unique position to support you as part of your property team.

mobile. 022 403 7991

phone. 09 849 2588


Rewa Smith

Property Manager

Rewa’s friendly, confident style makes her perfect for the Wendell style of property management. Before becoming a property manager she had years of experience in the office supporting all aspects of the business so she knows it back to front! She may be small, but she’s a cool-headed and sassy asset to our team.


mobile. 022 581 8396


Sophie Price

Property Manager

Sophie hails from the UK and joined the team with oodles of experience in project management and administration. First joining Wendells to tackle the Healthy Homes compliance deadline before moving into Property Management. Hyper-organised with plenty of grit, you can depend on Sophie to deliver.

mobile. 022 430 3415

phone. 09 849 2588


Barry Constable

Account & Administrative Manager

Barry is our resident bean counter, who works hard to ensure all rental payments are correctly allocated and our owners are always paid on time. He manages our trust account as well as other financial bits and pieces to ensure our business keeps growing. With a strong background in insurance accounts receivable, he’s got the experience and knowledge to keep things ticking.

Excellence in Corporate Support Winner 2013 & 2016

mobile. 09 849 2588


Sandy Wang


Sandy is our financial whizz working alongside Barry in the accounting team. She’s bilingual, with an extensive background in property management, as well as being an expert with numbers. By day, you’ll find her back and forth in the office between piles of invoices and constantly diving into solving accounting queries.

Excellence in Corporate Support Finalist 2018

mobile. 09 849 2588