What you can expect with Wendell Property

The right rent and a plan to target tenants
It all starts with assessing the right rent amount for your home and making a marketing plan for the property. We use our market insights to guarantee the best price, and our proven marketing channels to target tenants.

Putting together a pool of potentials
When potential tenants start calling, we’ll show them through your property pronto and manage their application process. The way we do this ensures everyone is pre-vetted, so you get just the prime list of potentials to choose from.

Taking care of the paperwork
Once you’ve picked a tenant, we’ll work with them to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s – getting the admin arranged and the paperwork processed.

Laying a fair foundation
Prior to your new tenants moving in, we’ll complete a full inspection and report – capturing the current condition of the property, which is agreed to by everyone. We then use this to compare with future inspections and ultimately the vacate inspection.

Money management
As well as collecting the bond, we stay on top of regular rent payments. We have strict policies and procedures for handling any arrears, so you needn’t worry about a thing!

Protecting your property
Regular, routine inspections of your property are performed periodically to keep on top of any maintenance or issues. Clear reports following each inspection keep you in the loop.

Caring for your home
Our on-the-ball (and 24/7 on-call) property managers will advise of any repair work or maintenance that needs doing and deploy our preferred tradies to take care of things. We may recommend preventative works to protect your investment and avoid larger bills down the track too.

Proactive before the end of a tenancy
As a tenancy comes to an end, we’ll take care of all the admin, final inspections, and bond release, as well as re-marketing the property to make sure there is minimal vacancy between tenants.