Inspections in a lockdown – how does it all work?

We’ve had lot’s of questions and concerns about property inspections being delayed or skipped during Auckland lockdown. We’ve found a way to complete the inspections remotely by working with our tenants. The results are fantastic. Covid has certainly given us an opportunity for rapid innovation.

Remote Inspections


We’ve had great feedback from tenants and many owners about our remote inspections. They’re easy to use, ensure that maintenance isn’t delayed and gives us all a record of the property at this time. A handful of the key insurance providers have confirmed that this inspection will be accepted if there is another physical inspection completed within 6 months. If you would prefer an additional inspection of your property (as well as the remote inspection you have received) please reach out to your Property Manager so we can arrange this for you. Otherwise, we will return to each property within the next 6 months as per our normal cycle.

Inspection disclaimer


We often get asked what our inspections cover. Below is our disclaimer which explains what we look at while we are at your property. If you’ve owned the property for a while and want to take a proactive maintenance stance, it may be worth arranging a building report and 5-year maintenance plan. This allows you to plan expenses and have time to research the solution that works for you. Most building reports cost about $750 + GST and they can be a valuable tool if you plan to hold the property. A building report also ensures that all those areas (that we can’t check) have had a qualified builder inspect and raise concerns early.


This tenancy inspection report is a visual one carried out by us to assess the manner in which the tenant is maintaining your property. As your property manager, our role is to manage the tenancy; we are not qualified to assess the structural aspects of areas including but not limited to staircases, decking and balconies or to ensure that plumbing, electrical or gas fixtures or fittings, glass windows, doors and balustrades, smoke alarms, asbestos, swimming pool safety barriers (and associated fittings) comply and operate in accordance with applicable building/council codes and/or laws and regulations. The inspection does not include the moving of furniture, lifting of floor coverings, inspecting the interiors of roof spaces, under flooring, inside of cupboards, tenants goods or other belongings. It is recommended that all landlords have regular inspections carried out by suitably qualified, licensed, and insured contractors and experts in the appropriate areas when necessary. It is also recommended that all landlords hold adequate insurance, including landlords insurance. To comply with legislation, we also recommend landlords outsource the management of smoke alarms to reduce the risk and liability in case of a house fire.

If you own rental property, you need quality reporting. If you’d like to see an example of one of our reports, reach out: