The tenants have spoken

We love our little chats… Seriously, the dialogue we have with all our owners is hugely valuable for us, but we knew we needed to cast the net wider. A common comment from owners in our last survey was that we should also survey tenants to find out what they wanted, and what they were feeling about things, too!

We agree – so back in July, we sent out our first regular survey for tenants; it went to all 1061 of them! And then we got to work tallying up the results.

They scored us:
79% for relationship with their property manager
70% for quality of their rental property
75% for Wendell Property Management as a company.

Overall, we were also thrilled to learn that most tenants are happy with their property maintenance and feel that we take good care of them. It’s all in a day’s work for us, really.

There’s also nothing quite like the cloak of anonymity to encourage people to tell it like it is. Truly though, the anonymous feedback has been hugely valuable. We discovered that few of our tenants knew about our charity work with Barnardos and StarJam, so we have some work to do around telling those stories better and sharing the warm fuzzies that come from our connection to the community.

Our relationships mean the world to us, so we’re committed to surveying tenants every couple of months, and will adopt the same system to survey owners too. Those among us who are data nerds are particularly excited about being able to then track trends; but all of us are committed, and looking forward to, the improvements that these insights will enable us to implement.

It’s all about doing good by doing better.