What does reasonably clean actually mean?

When a property is presented to a new tenant, or when a tenant vacates a place, there is a legislative requirement (as well as the common courtesy) that the property is ‘reasonably clean’. However, this term can be confusing – as ‘reasonable’ is a fairly subjective term. We’ve certainly seen great variance in how people interpret this guideline; so what can you do – whether you’re a tenant or an owner – to avoid a problem here?

While the term itself might not seem like a big deal, it can become a big deal if you ever have a tribunal hearing or dispute over your property’s cleanliness. So to help, we’ve outlined here what the normal requirements and expectations are of ‘reasonably clean’ and what you can do to keep your property up to standard.

Calling in the professionals
Generally, tenants aren’t expected to clean the property to a professional standard when they vacate. Rather, they need to take all their belongings and rubbish and ensure the property isn’t noticeably dirty.

However, this doesn’t apply both ways. There is the expectation that a property should be professionally cleaned before new tenants arrive. Particularly if the last tenancy was a long one, the gap between tenants is a great opportunity to get the property back up to scratch and as close to its original state as possible. A professional clean is one thing, but you can also take this further. Making sure gutters are clean, cutting trees and shrubs and getting rid of mould or moss on driveways and garden paths are all tasks that we advise on and help our owners to get done, if they’re needed, during this time. It’s all part of ensuring a property doesn’t deteriorate too much.

Much of it is maintenance
It’s important to understand the value that comes from investing in keeping a property up to right standard. At the beginning of its first tenancy, your property was probably in stellar condition and ‘sterile clean’. However if, after each tenancy, you don’t get a professional clean to bring the property back up to the same state the tenant before left it in, your property is likely to deteriorate and require extensive work in the future. It makes sense to spend money between each tenancy on a professional clean rather than pay more later.

We believe that every bit of money put into your property is an investment. While getting a professional clean between each tenancy may seem tedious, it helps to keep your property looking attractive to future tenants. Just like repairs and maintenance, proper cleans ensure your property continues to meet the highest standards and hold its value.

If you’re after any advice on cleaning your property, or are looking for some recommendations, get in touch.